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ADASH DDS Software

Product Summary The DDS software system is used for storage and evaluation of vibration and technical diagnostics data. It allows the user to compare, analysis, visualize, connect, transfer, work with, and evaluate data. This system accepts data that has been collected from both portable data collectors and on-line systems. DDS software uses standard Windows technologies, offering program operation which is very simple, clear, and familiar to most users. The common database for portable and on-line systems is a unique feature of DDS. Optional instrument interfaces allow the user to connect all measuring instruments to a single database system. This feature saves you money and time. The DDS system fully supports route measurements, and its database uses SQL and ODBC standards to process data. It is an open system which can receive and send information to other information systems. The DDS system fulfills all network operation requirements. Several users at the same time may work with one database. Output reports, data communication, a fast processing of output messages or reports were among the basic requirements imposed on DDS.

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